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Sauvignon Blanc is the Quinta de Santa Cristina family’s new member

We wanted to get our of the comfort zone and produce a wine from a grape variety that, unlike most of the ones we use in the production of our wines, it is not native from the Vinho Verde region.

After several years of experiences, we decided to launch a brand new wine which is totally different from all the others included in our portfolio: a single wine made 100% from the Sauvignon Blanc French grape variety.

This grape variety is original from Bordeaux and Loire Valley wine regions, in France, and it is one of the most planted in the whole world, for about 200,000 hectares of vineyards.

And why did we choose this grape variety?
To highlight the versatility of the Basto sub-region and the Vinho Verde region, showing the great developing potential of this variety in Quinta de Santa Cristina’s terroir. Besides its prestige around the world, which is, of course, an advantage, Sauvignon Blanc is a very well-known grape variety, making its wines long lasting in the mouth and in the memory of those who try them.

Regarding its ampelographic characteristics, Sauvignon Blanc presents outlined leaves and medium, compact and conic bunches with yellowish berries. It has an early maturation, being one of the first grapes harvested. After the selection of the best bunches and the entry in the winery, the grape must ferments at controlled temperature in order to preserve its delicate aromas. Then, this wine ages for some time in acacia barrels, which gives it some complexity, but without hiding the grape’s essence.

At the tasting moment, Sauvignon Blanc surprises with its elegance, but at the same time, with its complexity and its intensity in the mouth. Citrus-like white, this wine enhances its floral and some spicy notes on the nose. In the mouth, it is intense, with some structure, fresh and with a long and pleasant finish.

Quinta de Santa Cristina Sauvignon Blanc is perfect to pair with delicate fish, as turbot or fresh cod, and some shellfish, as oysters or squid. It is also a good idea pairing it with cheeses not too cured.

Are you excited to try it? 🤤

You can get your Quinta de Santa Cristina Sauvignon Blanc soon and enjoy a good moment side by side!

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