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Every detail tells a story…

Cada detalhe conta uma história…

In the beginning of 2020, a special wine from 2017’s vintage was highlighted. We had released a Great Reserve from 100% of Alvarinho grapes and, in order to do justice to the name, it had been launched in a Great size – a Magnum bottle (1500ml) that promises to shine at the opening time. Each simple detail of this bottle tells a little bit of the estate as well as all the stages included in the bottle production, since the harvest until the labelling.

The first step is the grapes harvest. To produce this wine, we had selected the best Alvarinho grapes. After multiple tastings and exchange of views between our winemakers, we started the vinification, which the fermentation took place in stainless steel vats at controlled temperature. After the fermentation process and a short period of time “resting” in the vats, we put the wine inside French oak barrels for 7 months with batonnage in the first 30 days. After the aging time, we began working on the bottling and labelling, both processes totally done totally by the careful hands of our workers. After filling the bottles with this precious liquid and putting the cork, they were ready to go to the next step – the labelling. All this process required a lot of accuracy, from the seal on the neck of the bottle and the stamp on top of the neck, the placement of the tape, until the application of the label and the back label.

Everything had been thought carefully, from the box and bottle’s choice until the tones and textures of the label.

About the color, we picked black, synonym of prestige and luxury that expresses timelessness. We want this wine to result in every occasion, since more serious celebrations until friends’ gatherings.

🍷 Tasting Notes

Well-defined aromas, refined and elegant. Hints of orange and tangerine paired with a very soft toast from the French oak. In the mouth, it feels deep and creamy, full-bodied, with subtle citric acidity. A very complex white from the World, elegant and sophisticated.

As the name says, Reserve it in your memory!

Great Wines Make Great Memories

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